Episode 2: Joey Slotnick - Chicago Cubs

Show Notes

Joey Slotnick

00:22 Looking Glass Theater 

00:28 Bergino Baseball Clubhouse

4:32 Some of Joey's favorite Cubs as a kid include: Jerry MoralesIván de JesusDave Kingman

8:58 During Spring Training 2015, comedian Will Ferrell played for ten different teams in one day. 

15:53 After a Hall of Fame Career at third base,  Ron Santo  stepped into the broadcast booth as the Cubs color commentator.

17:03 MLB TV (I swear they aren’t paying us, just trying to spread the baseball love!)

19:25 Muneesh discusses his love of Hall of Famer Andre Dawson

20:40 Why is Jack Morris not in the Hall of Fame?

20:55 1991 World Series. Atlanta Braves vs. Minnesota Twins. Game Seven. Jack Morris pitches a BRILLIANT ten inning shut out to secure the victory for the Twins. We ask again - Why is Jack Morris not in the Hall of Fame?


23:48 In 2013, Muneesh drove 17,000 miles in 95 days to attend a baseball game at all 30 parks. Here are his thoughts on Wrigley Field roundingthird.net 

25:40 The left field rooftop seats will now be blocked by the new video board at Wrigley Field.

28:40 The Cubs last won the World Series in 1908 when they defeated the Detroit Tigers in five games. The Tigers would exact their revenge in 1945 in a back-and-forth seven game series. 

29:25 We at the Clubhouse Podcast do not believe in curses. But billy goats are still not allowed inside Wrigley Field.

29:47 Home games at Wrigley were played exclusively under the sunlight until 1988, when the Cubs finally installed lights in their ballpark.

31:29 Ernie Banks won back-to-back NL MVP awards despite playing on losing teams. 

36:05 Pirates of Silicon Valley is a simply fantastic movie that you should seek out immediately.

40:16 The infamous Steve Bartman game. What more needs to be said?

40:33 Please support the Looking Glass Theater!

44:23 In 2006 the Detroit Tigers lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals. Making Muneesh very, very sad.

44:52 In 2012 the Detroit Tigers once again lost the World Series, but this time to the San Francisco Giants. Muneesh was once again very, very sad.

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Seriously, go buy something from the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse. And visit the store the next time you are in NYC. 

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