Episode 8: On the Road to Cooperstown

Show Notes

No guest this week. Anthony and Muneesh are on the road for a stadium road trip starting in Cooperstown, NY and the MLB Hall of Fame.

Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

5:30 Unfortunately, Muneesh’s SD card for his camera became corrupted and he lost all of his Cooperstown photos. So please enjoy some photos of Muneesh's trip to Cooperstown from his 30-stadium tour at rounding third.net. Muneesh drove 17,000 miles in 95 days in order to see a game at all 30 MLB stadiums. Please visit his site for write-ups, podcasts, photos and more of his adventures on the road.

7:30 The Giamatti Research Center (named after former MLB commissioner and father of actor Paul Giamatti, A. Bartlett Giamatti) is a phenomenal resource for baseball nerds like Anthony and Muneesh.

9:15 In 2006, Muneesh was lucky enough to be in attendance to watch his beloved Detroit Tigers defeat the Oakland Athletics and move on to the World Series just three years after those same Tigers lost an AL record 119 games.

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17:55 Anthony took a photo of the letters sent to Jackie Robinson as he broke the color barrier in MLB. The photo is in the gallery above.

22:30 Hank Aaron is the greatest power hitter of all time. He may have lost his official crown of home run king, but his place in Cooperstown is secure. Hank joins Babe Ruth as being the only two ball players who have their own sections dedicated to them.

26:50 Fashion designer Marc Ecko purchased Barry Bonds' record breaking 756th home run ball and let the public decide what to do with it. The ball now sits in Cooperstown with a permanent asterisk carved into it. 

30:30 Muneesh met Barbara and Adela in Cooperstown on his 30-stadium tour. A mother and daughter who have bonded over their love of the San Francisco Giants. A friendship between the three blossomed which you can read and hear all about at roundingthird.net

44:35 The 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Class includes Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio and John Smoltz.

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In 2013, Muneesh drove 17,000 miles in 95 days to watch a ball game at all 30 MLB stadiums. To read write-ups, see photos and hear interviews with fans at all 30 parks, please visit roundingthird.net

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