Episode 15: Mackenzie Astin Part 2- LA Dodgers/LA Angels

Show Notes

Mackenzie Astin is our guest today in the Clubhouse.

You can follow Mackenzie on Twitter @mackenzieastin

1:56 Mackenzie took cuts against Hall of Famer Goose Gossage.

3:32 Mackenzie tells a beautiful story about Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson and his relationship with Mack's father John Astin.

7:52 Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker played for the 1984 Detroit Tigers. They won a World Series together. Neither are in the Hall of Fame. That makes Muneesh sad.

10:20 Anthony's brother-in-law is the great Hal Morris. Hal is the head scout for the LA Angels and a member of the 1990 World Series champion Cincinnati Reds. 

11:13 The Oakland Athletics of the 70's were a dysfunctional team to say the least. But they won the World Series in '72, '73 and '74

11:52 The Detroit Tigers lost Kirk Gibson to Free Agency to do a collusion scandal in 1988. This New York Times Article from that time is a fascinating read.

12:08 Mackenzie references a story of prankster Jesse Orosco and a very ornery Kirk Gibson.

13:05 Check out Episode 6 of the Clubhouse Podcast to hear former Tigers pitcher Pat Ahearne tell some great stories about playing with Kirk Gibson.

13:30 The 2004 World Series champion Red Sox were known as the "Idiots".

16:00 Mackenzie tells a wonderful story about high school baseball coach Jim Van Scoyoc. We highly recommend you read as much as you can about this great man.

24:32 Check out Mackenzie's performance along side his brother Sean in The Final Season.

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26:00 Muneesh has a 2016 Baseball Stadium Wall Calendar for sale. It makes the perfect gift! You can pre-order it here!

26:25 Check out the Clubhouse Podcast archives for more awesome guests like the lawyer who cleaned up baseball Charles Scheeler. 

29:53 The Dodgers played their first game in Los Angeles in 1958.

30:41 The Dodgers all time Home Run leader is Duke Snider.

36:00 For five consecutive years, the LA Dodgers produced the NL Rookie of the Year. Eric Karros ('92), Mike Piazza ('93), Raúl Mondesí ('94), Hideo Nomo ('95) and Todd Hollandsworth ('96).

23:05 In 1985, Fernando Valenzuela set an MLB record for consecutive scoreless innings to start a season with 41.

40:45 Check out Mackenzie's 1996 film Dream for an Insomniac.

48:44 In 2012, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series. Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval hit three home runs in game one. Sorry Muneesh.

49:45 George Carlin's BRILLIANT baseball vs. football bit

50:50 Here is the box score the game that Mackenzie, Anthony and Muneesh attended at Angels Stadium of Anaheim.

55:50 If you don't believe Muneesh, check out his website roundingthird.net to hear literal crickets at Angels Stadium.

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