Episode 45: Greg Proops Part 1 - San Francisco Giants

Show Notes

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Expanded Show notes in progress:

2:58 Candlestick Park was the home of the San Francisco Giants before moving to the GORGEOUS AT&T Park. We at the Clubhouse Podcast are vehemently against fake grass.

3:54 Muneesh is referring to this knock down drag out between then Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan against White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura (this clip should make former guest of the show Jimmy Pardo smile)

4:20 Robin Ventura has 294 career home runs

4:40 Grand Slam leaders

6:20 Barry Zito’s drag bunt

9:10 Buser Posey’s no-hitters

9:30 Catchers who have caught the most no hitters

10:20 AJ Pierzynski dropped third strike

11:50 Hunter Pence proposal video 

16:20 The San Francisco Giants moved from New York in 1958

18:20 The Giants Dusty Rhodes (not the American Dream Dusty Rhodes…Muneesh was still living in his WWF world for a moment there)

18:56 The shot heard round the world. Bobby Thompson’s infamous home run.

19:19 Ralph Branca is the pitcher who gave up the shot heard round the world the echoing green (not the gathering green) 

19:57 Thompson and Branca singing

20:07 Branca’s pitch

21:27 The Giants went 50-12 over their final 62 games. They have been accused of sign stealing by Joshua Prager in this 2001 article. 

21:50 Anthony and Muneesh dedicated an episode to cheating in baseball which you can listen to here!

23:28 Kenny Rogers may have had a little help in 2006 to allow the Tigers to win at least one game in

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25:20 Clyde Wright, Jared Wright

25:40 Pete Rose Fossey play

28:00 Harmon Killebrew

38:10 Earl Weaver 3 run home run

40:10 Last play of 2014 world series

40:50 Inside the park to open 2015 World Series

46:00 18 inning Giants playoff game

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