Mini Episode 29: Mary Kate Wiles and Sean Persaud

Show Notes

Sean Persaud and Mary Kate Wiles are our guests in The Clubhouse today. 

You can follow Sean on Twitter @seanpersaudmd and Mary @mkwiles

Check out Mary Kate's Emmy winning web sires The Lizzy Bennet Diaries and buy the newly released book The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet right now!

Stay tuned for Mary Kate's new comedy musical Spies are Forever!!!

4:08 Sean grew up in Florida without a baseball team to call his own. The then Florida Marlins came into existence in 1993. They changed their name to the Miami Marlins in 2012.

5:30 Muneesh fully acknowledges that Jake Arrieta will most likely win the Cy Young award this year. At the time of this recording, Zack Greinke still appeared to be in the lead. 

8:46 In 2012 Miguel Cabrera secured the first Triple Crown since 1967. A national debate began over who should win the AL MVP between he and sabrematrician darling Mike Trout. 

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