Episode 11: Jimmy Pardo - Chicago White Sox

Show Notes

Jimmy Pardo is our guest today in the Clubhouse.

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4:15 In 2013, Muneesh drove 17,000 miles in 95 days to watch a ball game at all 30 MLB stadiums. To read write-ups, see photos and hear interviews with fans at all 30 parks, please visit roundingthird.net

5:45 Ken "Hawk" Harrelson is a polarizing broadcaster to say the least. Please enjoy a long clip of Hawk objectively calling games for the Chicago White Sox. Steve Stone is Hawk's broadcast partner. Stoney is fantastic. 

6:20 Jimmy mentions quite a few broadcasters that we think you should check out. Ron Santo and Phil Hughes banter is always enjoyable. CBS Chicago produced a great piece on Ed Farmer. Darren Jackson speaks about integrity. Randy Hundley was once considered "one of the best defensive catchers of his era". John Rooney was in the booth for the White Sox 2005 World Series victory. People do not seem to like Wayne Hagin very much.

9:10 The Hawk wants YOU!

11:10 Dan Dickerson and Jim Price are the Tigers radio broadcasters. Mario Impeba and Rod Allen are the Tigers television broadcasters. Muneesh would like to mention that they are all fantastic and Jimmy agrees! Also please enjoy Rod Allen chasing a pitcher across the field in Japan.

13:15 Jesse Popp is a comedian and friend of Jimmy's. Give his stuff a listen!

13:35 Kirk Gibson and Jack Morris have been joining Mario and Rod in the booth during the 2015 season for the Tigers. Gibson and Morris were both phenomenal baseball players. Why isn't Jack Morris in the Hall of Fame?

15:35 Bobby Higginson was a childhood hero for Muneesh. The Tigers were not very good when Muneesh was a kid. Chet Lemon was a fantastic outfielder for the Tigers throughout the '70s and '80s.

17:58 Correction: Pablo Sandoval was the fourth player to hit three home runs in a World Series game. He joined Albert Pujols who did it in 2011, Reggie Jackson (1977) and Babe Ruth who hit three bombs in a World Series game twice in 1926 and 1928. Source.

21:52 Alan Bannister made a profound impact on a young Jimmy Pardo and made him into a lifelong supporter of the White Sox.

23:14 In their childhood backyard, Jimmy and his brother would face off as the White Sox vs. the Cubs. Roleplaying as Ivan De Jesus,  Lamar Johnson, Jim Spencer or Ralph Garr

27:00 Chuck Carr shows off his plate discipline. 

29:35 Robin Ventura was a fantastic baseball player. He might not be the greatest manager.

37:45 Hal Morris won a World Series with the Cincinnati Reds in 1990. But we like him because he is Anthony's awesome brother-in-law.

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40:50 In 2005, the Chicago White Sox won their first World Series since the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. 

41:48 The 1983 White Sox team had success by "winning ugly". Tony La Russa was the manager at the time.

43:35 The ever controversial Ozzie Guilen managed the White Sox to the 2005 World Series. 

47:00 White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski's controversial play in the 2005 ALCS, helped the South Siders capture their first AL pennant in 46 years. 

49:18 In 2003, the Detroit Tigers lost an AL record 119 games. Just three short year laters, those same Tigers won the AL Pennant. Muneesh was lucky enough to be in attendance for every game of that magical playoff run. 

50:40 In 2003, the Chicago Cubs were five outs away from clinching their first NL Pennant since 1945. What happened next will forever be known as the "Bartman incident". Sorry Anthony. 

51:10 The game that Jimmy is refereeing to occurred in 1998. In a late September game, in a tough Wild Card race with the Mets, Cubs outfielder Brant Brown dropped a fly ball allowing three Milwaukee Brewers to score. There is not footage of this play readily available, but there is a brief audio clip of Ron Santo reacting that you should all listen to. Sorry Anthony. 

52:06 Go listen to Anthony on Never Not Funny!

54:35 Hall of Famer Jimmie Fox is one of the few ballplayers who share a namesake with Mr. Pardo. 

55:38 Jimmy is a huge fan of the arena football team, the LA Kiss

57:01 Shameless plug for Muneesh's 30 stadium tour. Check out roundingthird.net for extensive write-ups, photos and much more from his 17,000 mile adventure to see a game at all 30 parks.

59:15 Jimmy's first pitch

59:50 Jimmy was close! Alan Bannister had a lifetime .270 batting average. 

1:06:44 The White Sox have won three World Series in their history. 1906, 1917 and 2005.

1:10:05 Tony La Russa won the first ever AL Manager of the Year award.

1:14:00 Three White Sox Cy Young award winners: Early Winn (1959), LaMarr Hoyt (1985), Jack McDowell (1993).

1:20:05 Coco Fingers leads a team of amazing A's fans at the Coliseum in Oakland. 

1:23:24 Bo Jackson was a once in a generation athlete. If you don't know much about Bo, we implore you to seek out as much footage of him as is available. 

54:35 Hall of Famer Jimmie Fox is one of the few ballplayers who share a namesake with Mr. Pardo.

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In 2013, Muneesh drove 17,000 miles in 95 days to watch a ball game at all 30 MLB stadiums. To read write-ups, see photos and hear interviews with fans at all 30 parks, please visit roundingthird.net

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