Episode 10: On the Road to Cleveland, Favorite Baseball Movies

Show Notes

No guest this week. Anthony and Muneesh continue their stadium tour as they drive to Cleveland. Check out Episode 8 and Episode 9 to follow along with the tour.

Click here for highlights of their game at Comerica Park in Detroit.

2:00 Muneesh is excited to head back to Progressive Field. In 2013, he drove 17,000 miles in 95 days to watch a game at all 30 MLB parks. Click here to read his thoughts on the Indians home ballpark.

13:25 Check out the photo gallery above to see Muneesh and Anthony hanging out with the Spirit of Detroit.

19:05 Let us know your favorite baseball movies. You can tweet us @ClubhousePod or email us at Clubhousepodcast@gmail.com.

19:40 Anthony and Muneesh discuss the best baseball movies of all time. The source for their list can be found here.

42:23 61* is a phenomenally well made baseball movie. The press and the fans put Roger Maris through hell for beating the Babe's single-season home run record. Director Billy Crystal put a tremendous amount of work into ensuring the historical accuracy of this picture. 

44:54 Tommy Lee Jones played Tyrus Raymond Cobb brilliantly in the 1994 film Cobb

45:10 Rookie of the Year and Little Big League are engrained in the memories of a generation baseball fans. 

46:25 Moneyball  is a film that the whole family can enjoy. You don’t need to be a baseball nerd to understand the plight of the small market Athletics. You may need to be a bit more of a baseball nerd to enjoy the book.

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