Episode 20: On the Road: Target Field/Best Mascots in baseball

Show Notes

No guest this week as Anthony and Muneesh continue their season long journey to check off the final parks on Anthony's 30-stadium list. Today's episode is brought to you from Target Field. To follow along with the this current road trip, we recommend you start with Episode 16.

Click here for highlights of the game at Target Field in Minneapolis.

7:40 Anthony's attempt at a Paul F. Tomkins impression should not dissuade you from listening to as much of Paul F.'s material as humanly possible. He is an amazing comic.

14:45 The early days of baseball mascots were quite "disturbing" according to this article. However the modern mascot that we have all come to love is believed to have begun with Mr. Met in 1964.

18:15 Here is the list of mascots that Muneesh and Anthony are discussing on the show.

27:50 Muneesh has a 2016 Baseball Stadium Wall Calendar for sale. It makes the perfect gift! You can order it here! Make sure you send in your trivia questions to clubhousepocast@gmail.com or on Twitter @ClubhousePod and you may win a signed copy of the calendar!

29:03 Check out our archives for other great guests like the owner of the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse Jay Goldberg!

30:35 Remember Tony The Tiger? He's pretty good.

33:33 If you want your day ruined, check out this piece on the Cubs original mascot Joa the bear

35:20 Brian Regan is hilarious. Seek out his stuff immediately.

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