Episode 18: On the Road to Minnesota/Safety in the stands

Show Notes

Check out Episode 16 to follow us on our Midwest stadium road trip.

17:35 Muneesh has a 2016 Baseball Stadium Wall Calendar for sale. It makes the perfect gift! You can order it here! Make sure you send in your trivia questions to clubhousepocast@gmail.com or on Twitter @ClubhousePod and you may win a signed copy of the calendar!

19:00 Check out our archives for other great guests like Tony award winning composer Tom Kitt!

20:15 Laura Turek was struck in the face by a foul ball off the bat of Braves outfielder Eury Perez..

24:20 An update on Laura Turek. She needs your help.

26:55 Check out our chat with Jimmy Pardo!

27:19 Giancarlo Stanton was struck in the face with a pitch. WARNING: Video is tough to watch.

29:00 Brandon McCarthy and J.A. Happ are among the pitchers who have been hit while standing on the mound. 

29:19 Mets pitcher Alex Torres is one of the first big league pitchers to wear the new protective baseball caps.

32:35 Hall of Famer Craig Biggio was hit an MLB record 285 times. Ouch!

33:22 In 2003, Cubs superstar Sammy Sosa was hit in the head with a pitch. The image of the helmet shattering is engrained in Muneesh's memory.

38:25 In game 2 of the 2000 World Series, Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens faced off against Mets slugger Mike Piazza. Piazza's bat shattered and Clemens promptly picked up a piece and hurled it back in Piazza's direction.

38:45 If you haven't seen the Yankees/Red Sox brawl from the 2003 ALCS, do yourself a favor and watch it right now!

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