Episode 17: Martha Jo Black - Brooklyn Dodgers/Chicago White Sox

Show Notes

Martha Jo Black is our guest in The Clubhouse today. 

Buy Martha's amazing book Joe Black: More Than a Dodger right now!

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2:07 Ken "Hawk" Harrelson is the color commentator for the White Sox TV broadcast. We have a love/hate relationship with the Hawk at the Clubhouse.  

2:45 Check out our chat with the incomparable Jimmy Pardo where we discuss Hawk at length. 

3:20 Bob Grim is the White Sox Senior Director Of Business Development & Broadcasting. Bob's uncle  played for the Yankees.

3:30 Jerry Reinsdorf is the owner of the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bulls.

5:00 Basketball great Michael Jordan played minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons in 1994. Check out the ESPN 30 for 30 special Jordan Rides the Bus to learn more about this fascinating time in sports history.

6:30 Joe Black was the first black pitcher to win a World Series game in the World Series. He played along Jackie Robinson for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

7:30 Jackie Robsinson was not the first black player to play in the Major Leagues. While it is not known for sure who holds that honor, many black players played in the 1800s including William Edward White in 1879. 

8:00 Cap Anson of the Chicago White Stockings was one of the most outspoken white players campaigning to bar black players from the game.

9:38 Hank Greenberg was a symbol for Jewish Americans during World War II. We highly recommend you check out The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg

12:25 The 2003 Marlins World Series ring is quite gaudy.

23:30 Anthony had a role in the 1993 feature film Six Degrees of Separation

28:20 Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder was an NFL commentator for CBS. He was fired after making some incredibly offensive comments about black players.

31:08 Jesse Owens is Martha's Godfather. 

33:55 Bill Lucas of the Atlanta Braves was the first black general manager in baseball. 

35:50 Muneesh has a 2016 Baseball Stadium Wall Calendar for sale. It makes the perfect gift! You can order it here! Make sure you send in your trivia questions to clubhousepocast@gmail.com or on Twitter @ClubhousePod and you may win a signed copy of the calendar!

37:43 Check out our archives for other great guests like Mackenzie Astin!

39:55 The infamous photo of Pee Wee Reese with his arm around Jackie Robinson.

41:30 Larry Doby was the first black player in the American League. 

1:01:30 Tony La Russa won the AL manager of the year award for the Chicago White Sox the year that Muneesh was born, 1983.

1:03:30 In 1994, Major League Baseball went on strike. For the first time in MLB history, there was no World Series. This was a dark time for the fans of America’s past time

1:04:08 AJ Pierzienski caught Mark Buehrle's no-hitter on April 18, 2007. 

1:11:45 If you haven’t read Anthony’s brilliantly touching memoir Without You, do it now!

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